Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Buy a New Car in 24 Hours

Contrary to popular belief, many potential buyers dread the car buying experience (cue sarcasm).  They feel it’s too long, redundant, and that sales people are trying to take advantage of their good nature.  Our dealership is different.  We make your car buying experience fun and enlightening.  So, in today’s blog, we’re providing a way to purchase your dream car in one day. 

1.    Find Your Dream Ride
Check out our inventory online to find your perfect fit.  Narrow your search down to color, trim level and the options you desire in an easy quick to use inventory system.

2.    Make a Deal
Call us up and speak to our Internet Manager.  During your chat, ask for our pricing and double-check with us for any incentives or rebates for the vehicle you’ve fallen in love with.

3.    Arrange Delivery
So, you’ve found the perfect car, the price is within your means you’re good to ride off into the sunset.  Don’t cue those closing credits just yet.  Now, you can setup an appointment to close the deal in our dealership.  To speed up the paperwork, just ask us what documentation you’ll need, as well as completing a credit app on our website.   When you come in, just ask us to give you the demonstration of your vehicle.  We’ll show you all of the cool new technology your car offers, how to use certain settings, and answer any questions that you might have about your vehicle.  If you’re pressed for time, just bring your new car in a week later for a detailed briefing.  By then, you’ll probably have a few questions to ask our car gurus. 

We understand that a car purchase is a big decision, but it CAN be done quickly with little to no stress.  Follow the above tasks and you’ll be driving off in your new vehicle in a jiffy! 

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