Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nice Paint Job! Quick Tips to Preserving Your Car’s Shine

According to Land Rover San Diego “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”  The age-old quote does have some clout in the modern day world we live in.  A clean paintjob can make your car shine and reflect (pun intended) your character.  Wax, basically used on wood to create a water resistant barrier, and polish, used on modern vehicle paint, can make your car dull.  It creates a cover over your paint job that makes it age faster.  The main cog in keeping your paint job new is to avoid friction, meaning abrasive polish, waxing or buffering.  Below is a quick step process for keeping that shine.

  1. Pure liquid and non-abrasive application will preserve your paint, so choose a product that does not include wax, abrasives or polish.
  2. Make sure it is a spray or mist.
  3. Wash your car with clear water and grease cutting liquid soap.
  4. Starting at the top, hose the car down, then grab a bucket of soapy water and a soft brush and do the same. 
  5. Hose the car while you scrub with the brush.
  6. Take a soft towel and dry the vehicle without letting the soap dry. 
  7. Starting with a clean dry towel on clean dry paint, apply the spray conditioner sparingly to the top of the vehicle and spread it out.
  8. Acrylic conditioners are absorbed into the paint and have a application spread rate of 10 to 1 in area sprayed to area covered.
  9. Do not over saturate your paint.
  10. After completing the top follow the same conditioning pattern as when washing, finishing at the bottom.
  11. The total application time for a spray mist conditioner is under 10 minutes per vehicle.
  12. Conditioners do not harden and will continue to add conditioning strength to the paint days after the application.
  13. The effects will last for months, vehicle easily clean up with just water. No soap is needed when using a true acrylic paint conditioner.
  14. The Shine will lasts for months, no wax is needed.
  15. Reapply once a month and your factory shine will last longer than with any wax or polish being sold today.

(Courtesy of wikiHow)

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