Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top Road Trip Spots for a Rover

One word: ROAD TRIP!  Save on flights and accommodations by planning a trip to one of these awesome locales:

The Most Scenic Routes in America: Summer Edition

Sometimes, you need to get away.  Work is exhausting, your favorite TV sitcoms have gone off the air, and it’s time to break the mold.  Imagine breathing in the cool breeze of an ocean, or the soothing heat of a morning sun while taking a trip down the countryside.  Road trips are a great way to embrace the open road to view what our beautiful country has to offer.  So, you have the keys, a bag of snacks, and a couple days to check out your surroundings, but where do you go?  In today’s blog, we’re discussing some great scenic places to visit while you travel. 

Overseas Highway – Florida Keys
A highway that spans 113 miles, composed of roads and bridges from the Florida mainland to the country’s most southern point, the Overseas Highway is a beautiful place to drive.  There’s blue ocean, ships, boats, fisherman and tourists at every turn.  As an added fact, the Florida East Coast Railway was converted into this awesome highway.

Finger Lakes Region – New York
The Finger Lakes are a chain of lakes in central New York State shaped like…well, uh…fingers with the lakes formed by glaciers.  The lake extends 75 miles from Syracuse to Rochester.  There’s farmland, quaint towns and hundreds of wineries.  An Autumn trip adds an accentuating foliage to a beautiful drive year around. 

Pacific Coast Highway – California
This is known as one of the most scenic views in the world.  Hugging cliffs, and coastlines line a 123 mile stretch in a blissful five hour dream of beauty and saltwater scents.  However, this is not for the faint at heart.  The PCH offers some hairpin turns, narrow shoulders and steep drop-offs so BE ALERT. Honestly, take some time to pull over in safe places to really enjoy the vista. 

San Juan Skyway – Colorado
This scenic 233-mile drive through San Juan National Forest, Grand Mesa, is known as the “road to the sky” because of its mountains, quaint towns and ancient Native American pueblo ruins.  The drive features steep cliffs, alpine forests, campgrounds and plenty of outdoor activities. 

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