Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What In The World Is “Hypermiling?

The focal point of personal funding woes begins at the pump.  Our recent blogs have discussed what precautions you can take to avoid high gas prices In lieu of rising gas prices; a select few have decided to go the distance.  Literally.  Some individuals have been getting above 65 mpg. Is this a typo?  With LASIK eye surgery I can honestly say it’s not.  Hypermiling has become the newest craze and in today’s blog, we delve into what it is and how it’s done.  Oh, and as a precaution: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Hypermiling is an unorthodox technique for increasing your mpg.  These techniques include coasting for blocks with the car engine tuned off, driving at or below the speed limit, pumping up tire pressure far beyond recommendations and carefully manipulating the gas pedal to avoid fuel-burning excess.  Options also include keeping the air-condition turned off, and the window cracked slightly.  Hypermilers also carry a journal that records their daily commute, gas consumption and mileage.  All in an effort to avoid the ever increasing price of gas. 

Hypermiling has become a niche, with websites dedicated to the cause.  Driving Safety advocates forbid some of their habits, but applaud others.  Some Hypermiling habits are very dangerous.  Turning the engine off while coasting can, in some cars, leave the driver without power steering or brakes and allow the possibility that the steering wheel will lock up. Drivers can endanger themselves and others if they go too slow for the pace of traffic.” The list goes on.   

However, some Hypermilers ARE safe.  They obey all traffic laws and mix city and highway driving in a combination of strategic and gas saving options.  Using a truck for a windbreak is dangerous, but safer Hypermilers stay the recommended distance while still maintaining a saving of mpg by putting safety before mileage. 

Drive Safely!