Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Save Gas: How to Carpool

The carpool.  When this word comes to mind you can imagine four adults slowly sipping coffee, one on their phone having a lengthy conversation with a significant other, another half asleep, hot coffee spilling into their lap and…well you get the idea.  Carpooling isn’t ideal in a lot of individuals’ eyes.  People show up late, complain, and touch your radio settings without warning.  Many would call it a burden.  The carpool should be more popular than it is, but it hasn’t seemed to catch on or so WE think.  According to recent federal government studies, 10-16 million commuters use carpooling as their principal means of transportation to work every year. That's two to three times the number of people who use public transportation.  Not too bad if you ask me, but it could be better.

Carpooling isn’t as bad as you think, there are countless benefits to riding with a co-worker.  The best incentive is financial.  The AAA estimates that “operating costs (gas, tires and maintenance) average 14.1 cents per mile for 2005, all of which are shared in a carpool. If ownership costs — such as insurance, depreciation, finance charges, and taxes — are also shared, the economic benefits skyrocket. Additionally, many employers offer financial incentives for employees who share their rides to work.”  Websites like will match people based on location.  You should set ground rules to avoid conflict and follow these tips provided by

·      Print driver schedules
·      Create policies on stereo, AC, Cell phones…
·      Set rules for latecomers
·      Advance notice for vacation
·      Establish a back up plan

A successful carpool takes a bit of work, but can make life a whole lot easier.  Good luck, guys!!!

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