Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New App Compares the Cost of Driving to Flying

Our main focus is to provide a stellar vehicle at a great cost. Our goal of achieving that begins with making you feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle. This also carries into our way of life at the dealership. We enjoy saving you money and in today’s blog we’re providing some pretty cool technology that can help you save.

If you’re looking to take a trip, but you’re not sure if it would be more affordable to drive or to fly, you’re in luck!. A new iPhone app called Cost2Drive lets you estimate your driving costs based on real-time gas prices, while weighing those expenses against the price of going by plane. The airline information uses, a company that aggregates the best pricing for countless airlines.

After downloading the app for $1.99 (we usually promote free apps, but we thought this was cool!) Just tap “add a new vehicle”. After typing in your vehicle information, you’ll add in the info for the start and endpoint of your trip.

According to Edmunds: “Next, a Results screen displays the one-way driving
costs, as well as miles and time to a destination. It also shows the lowest available one-way airfare on an orange bar below. If you're driving solo and the airfare sounds like a good deal, you can tap on the orange bar to book a flight through”

However, if you’re traveling with co-workers or friends and it seems to be too much for multiple people, tapping “get trip details” directs you to the website to be on your way. On the web, you’ll see a map detailing your trip with directions via MapQuest.

This app is a great addition for the avid traveler, check it out here:

Trying to figure out if you should drive or fly for your next trip? There's an app for that! Our blog:

Today's blog discussed a new app that helps you save by choosing between driving and flying for your next trip!

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