Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Prevent Foggy Headlights

The most aggravating things to deal with is foggy headlights.  That inescapable film of condensation on your headlights that causes you to step back and examine why your beautiful car, has been somewhat tainted by blurry headlights you can’t wipe to get rid of.  At our dealership, we make it easy for our customers to come in and let us take care of their fog light woes.  In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to prevent it from happening all together.  Also, feel free to come in or call us with ANY questions you might have regarding your vehicle.

So how does it happen? Condensation gets inside your headlights when the outside temperature goes down and your headlamps cool off and cooler, moister outside air trickles into the housings.  According to popular mechanics: “The housings are vented top and bottom to allow for pressure differences, or they would quickly crack and fail. When the clear plastic lens is even a little bit cooler than the air inside the housing, droplets of moisture will condense on the inside of the lens. That’s normal. When the outside temperatures come back up in the morning, the moisture will evaporate. “

To prevent this, there are several ways to stop the condensation:
·      Park in shady, damp areas or in damp underground parking structures
·      Apply retrofit housing
·      Leave your headlights on while driving for a couple of hours
·      Remove the housing and dry it out (we can help with that!)

If you have a tip to add, feel free!

If you’re looking to get rid of that foggy headlight problem, check out our blog and give us a visit! We’re here to help:

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