Wednesday, October 23, 2013

National Teen Driver Safety Week

Handing over the keys to your teenager can be a scary thought for many parents and makes many very hesitant as to letting them drive. This week, October 20-26 is National Teen Driver Safety week and here are some helpful tips to discuss with your teen about the safety of driving.
·      The phone and texts can wait.
o   To many drivers today are becoming more distracted by their cell phones and paying less attention to the road. Talk to your teen about staying off their phones until they have reached their destination.
·      Developing a Parent-Teen Driving Contract
o   By having establishing certain ground rules as to who can travel in the car and a curfew can help protect your teen and make you feel at ease.
·      Going over safety
o   Whether it would be to remind your teen to always wear their seat belt to making sure their vehicle is safely equipped is always important to discuss safety concerns before your teen heads out on to the road.

By discussing some of the following topics will help to better protect and to be more comfortable with your teen driving on the road.

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