Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top 5 Things Drivers HATE

To begin today’s blog, lets paint a vivid picture of what could, or has, happened during your morning commute.  So, there you are, slowly sipping your morning coffee, the morning dew and the soothing sounds of your favorite band create a cozy safe haven on your way to work.  Your hands are on the wheel, and you’re focused.  Then, out of NOWHERE some (EXPLETIVE) swerves into your lane, causing you to spill your coffee and react swiftly to avoid injury.  In your panic-stricken state, you’ve managed to avoid an accident.  In that moment you look up to watch the person that swerved into your lane speed by, oblivious to what he had just done.  Your keen eyes focus in on him long enough to realize he was updating his Facebook status.  WOW.  In today’s blog, we asked our community for the top 10 things people HATE when they’re driving. 

Tailgaters – people that creep behind closely to your vehicle in a stop and go motion.  Usually they’re in a rush to go nowhere.

Texters – either they’re updating their Facebook status, tweeting, sending a text or writing their monologue; these individuals are causing HUGE accidents.  This can all be avoided by focusing on the commute at hand!

The “no signal when turning lanes” Guy – this person is infuriating.  They change lanes without looking or indicating.  All of this to arrive at a red light with nowhere to go.

Rubberneckers – there’s always that one person that stops an entire highway to gawk at something of interest.  A pretty billboard, a traffic accident, who knows?  Either way they’re ANNOYING and troublesome for those pressed for time.

The Makeup Queen – this young woman (or man for that matter) is applying an entire face of makeup while operating a motor vehicle.  This is a HUGE no no. 

So, do you have any to add?  What really grinds your gears?

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