Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uncommon Car Facts: 2013 Edition

Hey, Fans! A new year means new beginnings for us.  We’re rearing up for another great year in the Automotive world, and wanted to have some fun with our blog.  Every year, we showcase the coolest car facts (not to be confused with Car Fax) this side of the Northern Hemisphere.  If you have facts that you would like to add, feel free!  We welcome any and all feedback from our readers.  
  • Rear view mirrors were first attached to cars in the year 1916.
  • The world’s longest skid marks are 950 feet long.
  • The Carburetor and the clutch mechanism were invented by women in the year 1923.
  • The world’s first license plates were issued by the French police in the year 1893. They were called number plates then.
  • The Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world. ($2500 US)
  • The world’s first car accident took place in 1769. The car is still preserved at a museum in Paris.
  • The average length of electrical wires in every car is about 3000 feet.
  • A driver spends about an average of two weeks of his life waiting for the traffic light to change color.
  • Japan produces the most number of cars in the world.
  • Airbags take only 40 milliseconds to open in case of an accident.
  • The first cars had levers instead of a steering wheel!
We’re looking for more facts to expand our list!!!
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